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Safe Communities of Wright County participated in two Mock Crashes during prom season.  The goal was to give teens a visual example of what happens in the event of an alcohol-related crash and the consequences that go along with it, including injuries, fatalities, and criminal prosecution.  These are photo from the  Crash.  These photo are of staged actors.

Driving Under the Influence – FAQ


Blood Alcohol Concentration Facts

One drink equals about 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol. This is equal to a 12-ounce beer, 5 ounces of wine, about 8 ounces of malt liquor, or 1.5 ounces of distilled liquor.


Facts About Driving Under the Influence

Talking to Your Kids About Driving Under the Influence

Sober Cab

Make sure you have a sober ride home the next time you go out with friends. Serving portions of Wright County, sober cabs can give you a ride home if you’ve had too much to drink or you can schedule a round trip and leave your car at home for the night.

A+ Taxi: 763-295-8294

Christie Cab: 763-913-4889

These socially responsible bars and restaurants may provide you with  discounted cab rides home if you over indulge.

Just ask the bartender about a cab to get you home safe.

• American Legion #260, Monticello

• American Legion #323, Clearwater

• Chatters, Monticello (more…)

What Really Happened…

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