We are proud to partner with local organizations to support community-wide youth substance use prevention. The MEADA coalition meets on the second Wednesday of every even month to review and award funding. To have your project considered at the next meeting, submit your grant request at least one week in advance. Organizations are limited to one $500 grant per calendar year (each individual school is considered its own organization, not each district). Grantees are required to submit a Grant Follow-up Form following completion of their project; organizations are not eligible for grants in subsequent years until this is complete.

$ 5000 +
Dollars Awarded
Without this financial support, many youth-focused initiatives would not be possible.
0 +
Grants Funded
MEADA proudly supports local youth substance use prevention efforts by offering small, but impactful grants.
5000 +
Youth Impacted
The estimated number of Wright County youth impacted by projects funded with the help from MEADA.


Respect & Resiliency
An assembly and small group approach to helping students rebuild their ability to cope and respond to life's difficulties. Speaker Craig Hillier will breakdown many misconceptions that are presented as truths in our culture.
$500 - Impacted 300 students
The Turn
Awarded funds from this grant will be utilized to provide positive reinforcement for participants in the way of incentives for positive behavior, group celebrations for milestones achieved, etc. Theses incentives are a form of encouragement and reinforce positive behavior, sobriety and positive choices made by each participant. This assists with promoting recovery and restoring families.
$500 - 20 participants
HLWW Community Symposium
The goal of the symposium is to increase awareness for our students and parents and community members in regards to drugs, alcohol, and other tough topics that are impacting our communities. With more education or students and community members will be better equipped to avoid and deal with these problems to make our school and community safer.
$500 - 200+ students & parents
VapeEducate is an online course consisting of 7 units. Delano High School students with a vaping citation complete a mini-quiz, test and reflection statement at the end of each unit. Students must complete each section before moving on and score 80% or better on each unit assessment.
$496 - 31 students
VapeEducate is an online web based program that has 5 units that can be administered at wRight Choice. Training topics include; "What is Vaping?", "Vaping Health Risks", "How Marketing Targets the Young", "Vape Addiction", and "Society, Vaping and You."
$500 - Impacted 50+ students
Irish Mentors gives presentations to 5th and 6th-grade classes about the dangers of vaping and using tobacco products. Prizes and educational materials are used to encourage participation from the students. Alcohol awareness information is also provided to 9-12th graders.
$500 - Impacted 200 students
The Turn
The Wright County Adult Drug Court program aims to enhance the cost-effectiveness of the county criminal justice system by providing intensive case management, treatment, and court supervision for individuals arrested for drug related offenses.
$500 - 20 participants
This program serves youth living in Wright County and is taught at 11 schools across the county. Lessons address making good choices related to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. The program also addresses health effects, stress management, strategies for resisting and what it means to be a good citizen in the community. D.A.R.E works to emphasize how choices the kids make now can and do have an impact on their lives later.
$500 - 750 youth impacted
HLWW Elementary Laker Proud
This program is used to build relationships throughout our school in order to have a positive impact on students. Our small groups will work to make connections, strengthen relationships, build social skills, confidence, a growth mindset, and a stronger community.
$500 - 300+ students