It’s important to create a culture that supports children in making the right decision, without sheltering, or caudaling from the potential dangers they’ll likely face. Youth need to be empowered and equipped with the skills to respond to situations of peer pressure. They also must be encouraged to share with their peers why they too should be making healthy, positive decisions.

Mentoring creates a positive impact in youth’s lives. Youth with mentors have higher rates of high school graduation and are less likely to drop out. They develop more self-confidence, self-esteem, and are able to create big goals for themselves.


Want to be part of a youth mentorship group?

MEADA is looking for High schoolers who are interested in being a role model for their younger peers. The purpose of the mentorship group is to focus on Positive Youth Development and building relationships. We also want to create a safe space where youth can learn from one another and help work on a project/initiative that focuses on preventing substance use within the community.