Looking for tools to help throw a safe party when youth may be present?

Our "Hosting Safe Parties" campaign is here to help!

Parties are an important part of teenagers’ lives; they are a way to socializing, relax, connect and entertain. Unfortunately, a poorly planned party can result in unwanted consequences; sometimes tragic. This campaign is designed to help throw a successful party and avoid potential problems.



  1. Inform individuals of the Wright County Social Host ordinance;
  2. Equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to host a safe and responsible social gathering where alcohol may be present; and
  3. Deter underage individuals from taking part in alcohol consumption.

"No Boozy Fun" stickers for coolers, etc. at events.

We hope these stickers will both deter youth from drinking underage and empower parents to take a stance against it at social gatherings. Whether placed on a cooler with alcoholic contents or put out in the open to make it known you don’t support underage drinking. Order yours today! 


Follow these tips to ensure the event you are hosting is covered.

Youth, including those approaching the legal drinking age may not be aware of the risks associated with drinking alcohol and see it as a right of passage to adulthood. However, studies show that Research shows that people who start drinking before the age of 15 are at a higher risk for developing alcohol use disorder later in life. For example, adults ages 26 and older who began drinking before age 15 are 5.6 times more likely to report having alcohol use disorder in the past year as those who waited until age 21 or later to begin drinking. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction, www.niaaa.nih.gov